Stamp Printing Methods And Styles

This display explores postage stamp production as printing technology, postal needs and design styles evolved.

VICPEX 2022 provided me an opportunity to prepare and show a “one frame” display in support of philately on Vancouver Island. “One frame” exhibits generally are defined by judges to show a narrow subject, about a nearly complete story or topic. Clearly this display is more global and certainly can be much expanded. So it is unconventional and was not entered in competition. It was for fun, illustrating “stamps with stories”.

Multiple themes are included, including efforts to prevent forgery (in part use of the best technology of the time), stamp design, paper recycling, and printers’ adaptations to use what they had at hand.

I learned a lot about stamp printing, and also discovered that not everything is recorded about intricacies of printing!

by Peter Newroth, December 2022

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