Postal History of GB – Part Four

1578 – Letter from Sit Francis Walsingham, Minister of State. Letter wrapper

1578 Walsingham letter

1582 – The first regulations for the Conduct of the Posts made by Sir Francis Walsingham.

1567-1601 Earl of Essex

1589 Essex letter – A fine example of a Tudor letter – signed by Robert Devereau, Earl of Essex, favourite of Queen Elizabeth, and fastened with crimson silks and seals.

1589 Essex signature

Lord Burghley

1597 Postal Warrant

Intro to Stuart Posts

Letter of 1630 in the early part of the reign of Charles I.

1635 Witherings and Post Office

1647 Civil War Letter

1661 Bishop Mark – The first type of handstruck stamp introduced by Postmaster Henry Bishop

1670 Hancock

Sealed Marriage License on Parchment, dated 1670

1682 Suppression of Dockwra

London Penny Posts

1687 – Government – Dockwra stamp on letter of 29th June 1687

Penny Post stamp on letter of 4th June 1694


1772 London Penny Post

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