Malaysian Postal History During The Second World War

This extensive exhibit by David Foreman (more than 80 scanned pages) examines the postal history of the mails to and from the Straits Settlements, Malaya and British Borneo during the Second World War. It includes details of the postal system after the Japanese invasion of the British colonies.

David Foreman (1934 – 2017) was an advanced philatelist and postal historian. His main philatelic interest focused on the Malay area with a secondary interest in the 1935 Silver Jubilee issues of the British Empire.

Born in Windsor, England, David traveled extensively as a commodity trader. He spent 15 years living in Asia where his hobby connected with his knowledge and love of that area. He spent his later years in Vancouver where he was well-known for his generous sharing of philatelic knowledge. In addition to these interests, David was a very proud Queen’s Scout. One of his enduring legacies is the founding of the ANZA youth soccer league in Singapore which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Before his death, David was planning to exhibit a revised version of this exhibit. It had previously been awarded a Gold Medal at VICPEX and the Grand Award at VANPEX.

With the permission and encouragement of his family, this working draft is shared here. The page numbers are inconsistent in places due to David’s planned changes for the exhibit. It is a tribute to his support of philately, his interest and knowledge of the material, as well as his story-telling.

Edited by Peter Newroth and Neil Donen, March 2018

End of exhibit.

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