Gerald Wellburn Biography

In May 2022 the Gerald E. Wellburn Philatelic Foundation published an illustrated biography of Gerry Wellburn.

This book remembers a British Columbia philatelist who promoted stamps and postal history of colonial British Columbia and Vancouver Island, elevating them onto the philatelic world stage. Gerry Wellburn’s legacy includes his written articles, 1987 book, and his Philatelic Foundation. Prepared on the 30th Anniversary of Gerry’s death, the book records his enthusiasm and support for the collecting hobby through research, storytelling and exhibition of British Columbia stamps.

A many times International Exhibition Award Winner, Gerry’s story includes details on his early life, memberships in many philatelic groups and his many collections. Through the creation of interesting, elegant Exhibit Pages, Gerry pioneered in connecting historical context with stamps and postal history artifacts. Examples are displayed in a “One Frame Exhibit” format.

A limited number of copies of the book are available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact the Foundation by email.

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