Glossary – W


W1B: Winnipeg 1-bar tagging

W2B: Winnipeg 2-bar tagging
WA: USPS abbreviation for Washington
Waagerechte paar: (Ger.) horizontal pair
W.A.B.: Wien abzugs brief (Ger.) additional fee to be paid on delivery in Vienna
Wachau, S.S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1890s, for upper Danube lines
W.A.D.E.S. Clayton’s: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
Wadhwan: India Feudatory State; 1888, July 1: first local typeset stamps, 1894: stamps discontinued, now in Saurashtra State, Republic of India
Wadi-Halfa: city in the Sudan, Interpostal Seals used 1872-82, Interpostal Seals
WADP: World Association for the Development of Philately, formed by the UPU, FIP, AIJP, and ASCAT
Wafer seal: seal, wafer
WAG: water activated gum
Waghorn, Thomas: forwarding agent in Egypt, 1845
Wagon lit: (Fr.) inscription for sleeping cars used on revenue stamps
Wagon-post: (Fr.) mail van
Wagon Service: pick-up and delivery mail service inaugurated in Washington, D.C. and New York, N.Y. on Oct. 1, 1896
Wagshal shift: collector Jerome Wagshal discovered a plate variety on the 5¢ 1847 stamp
Wahlkarte: (Ger.) election postal card
Wahlspruch: (Ger.) slogan
Währung: (Ger.) currency, money
Waikoa Island: bogus, Polynesia-type fantasy,1965, 1970
Wainwright Associates: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
Wales & Monmouthshire: stamps sold only at Wales & Monmouthshire post offices but valid for postage throughout Great Britain, except for Machin issues, 1958-69, inscribed “Postage Revenue.” 1958: No.1, 3 pence dark purple, 1971: Machin issue without “Postage Revenue,” 1999: stamps available in booklets
Wales’ Express: private mail delivery service that operated between Boston and Beverly, Mass, used a label
Walfisch Bay: part of Colony of Cape of Good Hope
Walker & Co.s Express: private package delivery firm serviced Mass and Rhode Island, used a label
Walker, Dr. J.: U.S. inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Walker’s Penny Post: S. Allan Taylor label, 1865
Wallachia: Danubian principalities
Wallasey Post: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
Walli & Futunaöarna: (Swed.) the Wallice & Futuna Islands
Wallis and Futuna: islands in the south Pacific Ocean, French colony; Official name of postal administration: Service des Postes et Telecommunications. Currency: 100 centimes = 1 franc 1888: became a French Protectorate, used stamps of New Caledonia, 1917: became a French colony, 1920: No.1, 1 centime black on green, first stamps were overprint “Iles Wallis et Futuna” on stamps of New Caledonia, first postage due stamp, 1939, July 5: first semipostal stamp, 1941: stamps of New Caledonia overprinted “France Libre” Free France, 1946, May 6: first air mail stamp, 1961, July 29: became an overseas territory of the French Republic, 1962, July 19: first issue as an overseas territory
Wallis & Futunaöarna: (Swed.) the Wallice & Futuna Islands
Wallisisk: (Dan., Nor., Swed.) Welsh
Wallpaper: unnecessary postal issues from countries which are considered to have little or no philatelic or monetary value
Wallpaper covers: envelopes were made of wallpaper when paper shortage took place during the American Civil War
Walsall Security Printers: printer of stamps for postal administrations located in Walsall, England
Walterborough, S. C. Paid 10: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
Walton & Co.’s City Express: U. S. local post, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1846
Walton-Knost Express Company: private package delivery firm serviced St. Louis, Mo. area, used a circular label
Waltzen, S.S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1850s, for upper Danube lines
Walzendruck: (Ger.) rotary press-printed
Wampun money: New Netherlands director-general, 1657, ordered that all letters received at New Netherlands (New York) had to pay a fee of “three stivers of wampum,” equal to about three cents
WAN: international postal code for Nigeria
Wanajaavesi S.S. Co.: (Fin.) steamship; local post for use on steamships carrying mail, Finland, late 1800s
Wan-An: Central Chinese local post (Kiangsi), 1949
Wanderssstempel: (Ger.) type of hand cancellation used in German Southwest Africa
Wanghia, Treaty of: U.S. 1844 treaty with China, opened five ports to American trade, consul stations and most-favored nation status
Wan Kiang Area: (Anking) East China local post, 1945
Wanman’s Caribooo Express: bogus label
Wan-nan: East China local post, Wan-nan Post, 1949
Want list: a listing, given to a stamp dealer or a collector, of stamps that are needed or wanted by the collector
Wapen: (Ger.) Walloon Legion Waffen S.S. feldpost propaganda label
Wapparn: (Fin.) Steamship; local post for use on steamships carrying mail, Finland, 1890s
Wappen: (Ger.) coat of arms
War: overprint on semipostal stamps of British Honduras, war tax stamps 1916-18
Warawak: British Colonial Royal Wedding frames from book Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers
War Between the States: American Civil War, name used for conflict in the Southern States
War Board of Trade: 1918: stamps of Switzerland overprinted in German “Industrielle Kriegswirtschaft.”
War charity: 1: semipostal with a surcharge to raise funds for war. 2: overprint with “3.6.18” on stamps of Bahama semipostals, 1917-19
Wardak: cinderella, liberated area during Afghanistan war
Wardan: city in Egypt, Interpostal Seals used 1879-80, Interpostal Seals
Wärde: (Swed.) registration and insured mail handstamp for inland destinations, started 1873
War Dep’t.: U.S. officials, used 1873-84 for departmental mail inWashington, D.C. and in Army posts throughout the country
War Emergency Rate: World War I tax in form on increased postage rates to help pay for World War I, Nov. 2, 1917 to July 1, 1919
Warmouth, A. Packet-Verkehr: Berlin, local post, Germany 1888-1900
Warner’s Safe Cure Co.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
War of the Rebellion: American Civil War, name used in Northern States
Warren Ave. Church Fair P.O.: S. Allan Taylor label, similar to Tabernacle Fair Post Office label
Warrenton, Ga. Paid 5: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
War Savings Stamps: issued by the Treasury Department
Warsaw: city in Poland; 1915-16: Polish local post, 1918, Nov. 17: stamps of Warsaw local post surcharged, called “Warsaw Issues,” 1918: occupation stamps of Germany overprinted / surcharged “Poctzta Polska” Poland Post
Warschau, Gen.-Gouv.: Warsaw, German occupation of Poland, 1916
War Stamp: 1: overprint on stamps of British Commonwealth and Dominions. 2: the 1917 1¢ green stamp overprinted in two lines, unofficial, printed by Roessler. 3: stamp issued during war conditions
Warszawa: (Pol.) Warsaw, Poland, 1918
War tax: 1: stamp issued to help defray war costs; may be a surcharge and include normal value in addition to the tax. 2: Impuesto de Guerra (Sp.) Spain 1898
War Tax: 1: overprint on Antigua, 1916-18. 2: overprint on stamps of Bahamas, British Guiana, 1918-19. 3: overprint on Barbados, 1917. 4: overprint on Bermuda, 1918 (Sc.42), 1920 (42a)
War tax stamps: stamps used on mail during periods of conflict to raise funds; the stamp was applied in addition to the regular postage
Warwick’s City Dispatch Post: 1: local post, origin unknown. 2: S. Allan Taylor label, 1864
Warwiszki: (Pol.) “Samorzad Warwiszki” Polish occupation, Mar. 23-27, 1923
Wasa Rediviva: overprint for welfare group to raise money for Swedish museum honoring sunken ship Wasa
Wash.: abbreviation for Washington prior to Zip Code usage
Washed: used stamps that have had their cancels chemically removed to be illegally reused
Was-Hee: American Journal of Philately fantasy
Washington: became a U.S. territory March 2, 1853, state Nov. 11, 1889; cut from Oregon Territory
Washington 2006: an international stamp show to be held in Washington, DC. in 2006
Washington-Franklins: a series of approximately 350 stamps issued between 1908 and 1922, also known as the Third Bureau Issue
Washington, Ga. Paid 10: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
Washington Match Co.: inscription on Match stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Washline: design of 1939 U.S. commemorative showing states hanging from Canadian border like wash on a line
Was K: Washington, Kentucky, pre-adhesive postmark
Wasserzeichen: (Ger.) watermark; a design, letter or word impressed in the paper during the manufacture of the paper; when found on a stamp is very helpful for identification purposes
Water activated adhesive: the gum that requires moisture to perform on stamps
Waterbury cancels: unusual postmarks used by postmaster, Waterbury, Conn., 1865-70
Waterford, Dungarvan & Lismore Railway: Ireland railway local post
Waterford, Limerick & Western Railway: Ireland railway local post
Waterford, Limerick Railway: Ireland railway local post
Waterlow & Sons, Limited London: 1951 printer’s imprint on Afghanistan stamps
Waterlow paper: thick, soft paper made by Waterlow for New Zealand issues, 1900, came with and without watermark
Watermark (Wmk.) : a design, letter or word impressed in the paper during the manufacture of the paper; when found on a stamp is very helpful for identification purposes; note the watermark should read correctly when viewed from the front of the stamp
Watermark detector: a black tray of glass or enameled metal in which a special fluid is placed on top of the stamp to reveal the watermark
Watermark tray: black plastic tray used in detection of watermarks on stamps; black is used so that the watermark will appear darker than surrounding paper
WATERSNOOD: overprint on stamps of the Netherlands for flood relief, 1953.
WATERSNOODNEDERLAND”: overprint on stamps of Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) for flood relief
Water soluble gum: natural gums usage on postage stamps until 1960; used in commerce in Biblical era
Water soluble ink: ink on a stamp that dissolves when immersed in water
W Australia: Western Australia
Wavy-Line roulette: a shallow-toothed serpentine roulette, such as on Victoria 1854-57, 6d
Wavy-Line stamps: Danish issues picturing wavy lines in the design
Way mail/letter: letters to be delivered to a post office between the terminals of the route
Way marking: mail picked up by carriers on their way between two post offices, carrier indicates coach, rider, steamboat or other contract agency carrying mail between post offices, way markings are usually collect, applied at the receiving post office, when the cover entered the U.S. Post Office Department mail system
Way pouch: a pouch containing mail for post offices along a certain route; it is opened at each post office to remove local mail and add mail from that office to other destinations on the route
Wayzata: Aerial World Airways persuaded the Newfoundland government to issue a stamp in 1932 to finance purchase of a plane for a route from Wayzata, Minnesota via several cities to England; sales were poor and the scheme fell through
Wax seal: Seal, wax
Wazan: local post between Wazan and Alcazar, Morocco, Nov. 1896
W / C: auction abbreviation for well centered

WCB: Winnipeg center-bar tagging
WD: Walter H. Doxen, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
Weak: term applied to stamps that are not bad enough to be called damaged, usually a slightly thin or shortened corner
Weatherford, Tex. Paid 5: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
Weather forecasts: on U.S. Mail, U.S. Post Office Dep’t. project for distributing local weather forecast information; c1895
Web: a continuous roll of rotary press printing paper used for printing stamps
Webb’s Express: private package delivery firm serviced Boston andsalem, Mass., used a label
Web presses: webfed presses use a continuous roll of paper fed into the press
Web sites: locations on the Worldwide Web portion of the Inernet where both commercial and non-commercial philatelic information is presented. Each web site has its own address, i.e., URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
Wedding band: term used for the US 5c air mail issued in 1948 with a band around the five New York boroughs
Wedding Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations stamps, 1999
Weed’s Express: private package delivery firm serviced New York City, N.Y.area, used a label
Weekend warrior: a dealer who only sells stamps on weekends at stamp shows
Weeks & Potter: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Weens Rublis: surcharge, stamps of Latvia, 1920-21
Weeping Princess: Canadian stamp showing Princess Elizabeth with a teardrop under her right eye, 1935
WEF: William E. Franke, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
Wei-Hai-Wei: 1: Liu King Tao/Chefoo Courier Post, China local post, late 1890s. 2: Dragonboat Regatta, unissued Great Britain cinderellas by David Horry, 2001
Weihnachten: “Christmas,” unofficial German overprint on stamps of Italy for Rhodes, Aegean Slands, 1944
Weihnachtsmarke: (Ger.) Christmas seal
Weimar: Courier local post, 1893-94
Weimar issue: Deutsche National Versammlung
Weimar Republic: mythical stamp entity in the movie, Nine Queens, filmed in Argentina
Weihnachten: unofficial German overprint on stamps of Italy for Rhodes, Aegean Islands, 1944
Wei Nan: Northwest China local post (Shensi) 1949
Weinrot: (Ger.) claret (color)
Weisbecker: Donald Evans issue, New York, Evans, Donald
Weise Karte: (Ger.) white card, United Nations
Weisenfels: (Ger.) Courier local post, Germany, 1893-96
Weissrussland: (Ger.) White Russia
Welch’s Express: private package delivery firm serviced New York City, and Greenport, N.Y., used labels
Well centered: stamp having an even margin on all four sides
Wells & Co. Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Buffalo, N.Y., Cleveland, Detroit.and Chicago, Ill. used labels
Wells & Co’s. Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Buffalo, N.Y, to New York City, used labels
Wells & Co’s. Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Boston, Mass. area, used labels
Wells Fargo and Co.: U. S. local post, 1861-88; operated stage routes carrying mail, freight and passengers to and from the West from 1849; firm issued stamps and applied cancels to envelopes which are considered very desirable; used corner cards, labels and stamps
Wells Letter Express: first commemorative stamp issued in the U.S., for Perry’s war of 1812 depicting victory on Lake Erie
Wells, Richardson & Co.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Welthungerhilfe: (Ger.) World Hunger Relief
Weltpostverein: (Ger.) world post, UPU
Weltraum: (Ger.) world of space
Wenden: town in former Russian province of Livonia, then in Latvia as Vidzeme; 1863-1901: issued own Zemstvo stamps; Russia
Wenden(schen): Russia-Wenden, former Province, 1862-64
Wenden Kries: Russia, Livonia; District of Wenden
Werbemarke: (Ger.) propaganda stamp
Werbestempel: (Ger.) propaganda slogan / cancel
Werdau: city in Germany, Courier local post, 1893-95
“Wer ein Volk retten will kann nur heroisch denken”: (He who wants to save his people must think heroically) on four stamp souvenir sheet depicting Hitler for first time, April 5, 1937; also issued in Hitler skull parody produced by the U. S. Office of Strategic Services
Wert: (Ger.) value, denomination
Wertangabe: (Ger.) face value
Wertaufdruck: (Ger.) surcharge
Wertangabe: (Ger.) inscription on insured parcel post label of Germany
Wertbriefe: (Ger.) insured mail
Wervtoll: (Ger.) valuable
WES: Walter E. Spring, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
West African Monetary Union: common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1972
Westar: U.S. satellite used for transmission of Mailgrams, launched April 13, 1974, first transmission made Sept. 6, 1974, delivered by the USPS
W(est) Australia: Western Australia
West Berlin: western part of former German capital, had its own stamps since Sept. 1948
West Clare Railway Company: Irish railway that printed stamps for mail carried on their trains then taken to post offices for delivery
West Coast: local post overprint on stamps of Sumatra for Japanese occupation, 1942-45
Westcott Express Co.: parcel delivery firm serviced Brooklyn, N.Y. and New York City.; used stamps, booklets
Westcott, J. W.: mailboat based at port of Detroit, Michigan
West End London L.P.S.: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
Wester Local Post: Hälsingborg – E. S. Wester Local Post
Western Army; North-Western Army: 1918-20: overprint of stamps of Russia; Northern Army, and Western Army
Western Australia: western part of Australia, former British Crown Colony, currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound 1854, Aug. 1: No. 1, 1 pence black, 1859: used oval with bars as cancel, 1882: first postal fiscal stamp issued, 1891: joined the UPU, 1901, Jan. 1: one of six British colonies that formed the Commonwealth of Australia, 1913: stamps of Australia used; Commonwealth of Australia
Western Australian Government Railways: local post, Australia, early 1900s
Western Canada: bogus, 1981
Western Canada Airways: local post, Canada, 1927
Western Chyan: bogus Burma issue related to Dam Batai
Western Express Mail: private mail served the mining regions of California and Nevada where government postal service was inadequate
Western Front: France, German occupation, 1914-18
Western Isles: rocket post labels, United Kingdom local post, 1934
Western Laurania: fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill’s book, Savrola
Western Sahara: Saharan republic, illegal issues, not issued by Morocco, based on UPU circular of Nov. 18, 2002
Western Samoa: inscription/overprint on stamps of New Zealand, 1935, for Samoa under British dominion; Samoa
Western Thrace: located between Greece and Bulgaria; 1919: postage due stamps of Bulgaria overprinted for postage due. 1920: stamps of Greece overprinted, stamps of Turkey surcharged, Thrace
Western Turkey: 1912-13: Balkan Wars; Greece occupied part of Western Turkey, area became known as the New Greece
Western Ukraine: eastern Central Europe; formerly known as Galicia, once part of Austria; currency: 100 shahiv (sotykiv) = 1 hryvnia, 100 heller = 1 krone 1918: No. 1, 5 shahiv on 15 hryvnia dull red, overprint on stamps of Austria, 1918: registration stamp known as the Kolomya Issue, 1918, Dec.12: provisional government, independent as Western Ukraine, used overprinted “Ykp. H.P.” stamps of Austria, 1919: stamps of Austria surcharged for Romanian occupation of Pokutia, Ukraine, 1919: stamps of Austria surcharged for postage due, 1919: absorbed by Poland
Western Union Telegraph Company: U. S. telegraph stamps issued for use on firm’s telegrams, 1871-1946
Western United Powers: Donald Evans issue; Evans, Donald
Westerstede: city in Germany, local post, Germany, 1945-48
Westervelt’s Post: U. S. local post, Chester, N. Y., about 1863-65
West Florida: Republic of West Florida
West Fukien: Chinese Red Post, local post, 1930-31
West Furland: fantasy, no information available
West India Manufacturing Co.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
West Indies: consists of Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St. Christopher-Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Virgin Islands
West Indies Associated States: formed in1967, consisted of Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent
West Indies Federation: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, April 1958
West Irian: western half of New Guinea, aka Irian Barat, West New Guinea; currency: 100 cents = 1 gulden, 100 sen = 1 rupiah, 1 rupiah = 1 gulden 1962: No.1, 1 cent vermilion and yellow, stamps of Netherlands New Guinea overprinted “UNTEA” United Nations Temporary Executive Authority, 1963, May 1: freed from West New Guinea rule, Indonesian administration; first postage due, 1973: used stamps of Indonesia; Irian Barat, Netherlands New Guinea, United Nations West New Guinea
West Lancashire Railway: British railway local post
Westland: bogus stamp created by Mr. West
West Liao-ning Area: Northeast China local post, 1945
West Middlesex Courier: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
West New Guinea: Netherlands New Guinea
Westonbirt School Mail: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
Weston’s Express: parcel delivery firm serviced Boston and Plymouth, Mass., used labels
Westphalia: fantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill’s book, Savrola
Westpoint Falkland Islands: labels that resemble postage stamps; not valid for postage
West Refaim: cinderellas produced in Europe about 1924 as stamps, picture postcards and cancellations
West Riding & Grimsby Railway: British railway local post
West Riding Strike Post: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
West Russian Army: 1919: occupation of Kurland by Co. Bermondt-Avalov using stamps of Latvia handstamped or overprinted with a symbol meaning “Z.A.” Zapadnaya Armiya, Western Army, 1940: another set of stamps was issued during Russian occupation of the area
West-Sachsen: Germany, Soviet occupation of West Saxony, 1945-46
West Srem (Vukovar): bogus overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia for Bosnian Republic
West Szechuen: People’s Post, Southwest China, China People’s Republic, 1950
Westtown: U. S. local post, Westtown, Pa., 1853-67, used by The Westtown School as training usage of stamps for franking letters
Westubgarn-Orgland: (Hung.) Western Hungary, local post, 1921
Westvaco: printers of U.S. postal stationery
West Vinland: supposedly a colony of Occussi Ambeno
West Virginia: became a U.S. state June 20, 1863; taken from Virginia in American Civil War
Wet paper: paper that has been dampened before printing
Wet printing: has a moisture content of 15-35% compared to 5-10% for “dry” printing; also has a duller look than “dry” printing
Weybridge Emergency Post: United Kingdom postal strike, local post 1971
WF: auction abbreviation for waterfalls, topical
W.f.: abbreviation for wrong font, when a wrong letter or another style appears
WFB: William F. Blue, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
WF Heads: the heads of Washington and Franklin on the third Bureau issues from1908 to 1922
W.FR.: Weiter Franco (Ger.) paid to part destination, figure indicates balance due on delivery
WFUNA: World Federation of United Nations Association, produces its own cacheted covers to benefit the UN
W/gum: with original gum
Whall’s Express: private parcel delivery firm serviced Mass., used a label
Wharton’s U. S. P. O. Despatch: 1857, Louisville, Ky; Carriers’
Wheat Sheaf: as overprint on stamps of Republic of Hungary when kingdom was restored
Wheel of fortune cancel: resembles a roulette wheel
Whitby & Port Perry Express Company: private parcel delivery firm that serviced Whitby and Port Perry, Ontario, area, used a label
White back: surface-coated paper, with the base white; used in British Colonial stamps during 1914-19 as substitute for colored pulp papers
White border period: postal stationery from 1915-1930 with a white border surrounding the illustration
White Plains: U.S. stamp or souvenir sheet honoring the Battle of White Plains
White Poppy: U.S. Navy postal code name during WW II for Noumea, New Caledonia
White Queen: Canada’s 14¢ Queen Elizabeth II stamp, Scott 716, with red background color and tagging omitted
White Russia: aka Belorussia, Russia, adjoining Poland; 1920: stamps for Ruthenian Army Corps, postal use in doubt, Belarus
White’s Branch Express: private mail delivery firm serviced northern New Jersey, used a label
Whitesides, B.: firm carried mail “across the lines” during the American Civil War
White’s Railroad Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Mass., used a label
Whiting & Co. Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Plumas and Butte Counties, Calif., used a label
Whitlock Metered Mail Co.: U.S. postage meter firm, 1929-33, acquired by National Postal Meter Co
Whitney Transfer Company: private parcel delivery firm serviced an unknown area, used stamps
Whittelsey’s Express: 1: US local post, Chicago, Ill. 1857. 2: bogus U. S. local post, S. Allan Taylor
Whitten’s Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Boston and Newburyport, Mass., used a label
W.H.L.: W. H. Lortimer, postal official of Colonial post office at Georgetown, British Guinea, 1850-51 issue
WHO: World Health Organization: 1: common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1968. 2: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1966
Whole sheet: sheet is absolutely unbroken with sheet margin intact
“Who-lidays”: USPS pictorial cancel used in 1999-2000 as a joint promotion with movie, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
W.H.W.: Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes
WI: 1: USPS abbreviation for Wisconsin.2: West Indies
WIAE: West Indian Aerial Express (USA)
Wide space overprints: usually found on Bureau precancels due to misapplication of the overprinting plate
Widin, S.S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1850s, for various Danube lines
Widows’ franks: widows of deceased presidents free frank, Act of Congress, 1940
Wien: (Ger.) Vienna
Wiener Messe: label with flying rocket and overprint issued for Vienna Fair
Wiener Privat-Telegrafen Gesellschaft: (WR.PR.TEL.GES.) (Ger.) Vienna Private Telegraph Co., 1870
Wiesbaden: city in Germany, local post, Transport-Anstalt und Privat-Post, 1886-1900
Wigan Junction Railway: British railway local post
Wiggins, Teape paper: firm supplied paper for New Zealand stamps in1872 (watermarked WT & Co.), 1925-26 (thin, hard and surfaced) and 1935-40 (unsurfaced rag)
Wikingland: cinderella for artificial island in North Sea
Wilayah Persekutuan: Malayasia-Kuala Lumpur; 1986, Oct. 25: used Agriculture and State Arms designs of Johore, stamps of Malaysia
Wilder, Edward: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Wilding stamps: nickname for British 1952 stamps with portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding
Wildlife Courier Post: private fantasy label made by Gale J. Raymond, international courier
Wilkinsburg Stamp Club: produced spoof souvenir sheets for their annual exhibition since 1961
Willard Delivery Company: private parcel delivery firm serviced an unknown area, labels exist
Will Call: printed on postcard; used by salesmen to advise their customers date of arrival in their vicinity
Willett’s Express: private parcel delivery firm serviced Boston and Ipswich, Mass., used a label, 1847
Williams, Dr., Medicine Co.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
William’s City Post: 1854, Cincinnati, Ohio.; Carriers” Stamps
Williamson, J. J.: patented a money order postal card, liberty head design of 1875
Willpost, Liverpool: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Wilmington: city in the US; Roche’s City Dispatch, local post, 1850
Wilmington Parlor Match Co.: inscription on Match stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Wilson, Rev. E. A.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Wilson, Thos. E., M.D.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Wimborne Post: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Wimer, John M.: postmaster, St. Louis, Mo., 1845, issued Postmaster’s Provisional stamps
Wimponia: cinderella for Kingdom of Popeye’s friend, Wimpy
Winan’s City Post: bogus, U.S. local post featuring a flying bomb, late 1800s or early 1900s; label was so successful, that several imitations also sold very well
Winchester & Co.’s Express: private mail delivery firm serviced Boston and Gloucester, Mass., used labels
Winchester and District: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Winchester paper: security paper using a heavy cross section of thick bluish semi-circles; found on stamps of Venezuela, 1932-38
Winchester Post: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Window booklets: British term for red-covered retail stamp booklets which are sold by private retailers
Window envelopes: envelopes with a transparent panel in the front through which the address of the enclosure is visible
Windward Islands: British West Indies island group made up of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada and Dominica; Scuba Diving, Sea Garden Nassau, The Pitons of St. Lucia inscriptions, unissued Great Britain cinderellas by David Horry, 2001
Wine stamps: conventional revenue stamps denominated in currency, used to pay taxes on cases of wine and cordials;1914-54
Winged propeller: design as overprint on stamps of Switzerland for air mail
Winged wheel: design as overprint for Belgium, officials for National Railways
Wing margin: the extra unprinted margin left as part of a stamp by the perforating machine
Wings for Norway: a commemorative issued in Norway and “Little Norway” Canada in 1946
Winnipeg Messenger Co.: parcel delivery firm that used a stamp; serviced Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; year unknown
Winnipeg Pembina: local post, Winnipeg, Canada, late 1970s
Winnsborough, S.C. Paid 5: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
Winslow & Co.’s Express: bogus local post, Canada, A. Allan Taylor, 1864
Winslow’s Express: private mail and parcel delivery firm serviced Boston, Mass and Portland, Maine, 1841-47; bogus S. Allan Taylor labels exist
Winter gum: U.S. stamps prepared with “soft” gum intended for use when weather is cold and dry to protect stamps from curling, cracking and breaking; 1904-06
Winterhilfe: (Ger.) overprint on stamps of Austria and Germany, semipostal to help the poor in winter.
Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (WHW): (Ger.)”Winter Relief of the German People,” inscription, largest charity of the Third Reich, used for a range of stamps, booklet covers, etc
Winterhulp: (Dut.) overprint on stamps of the Netherlands, semipostal
Winter relief: charity or semipostal stamps to aid the poor in winter
WIPA: Wiener Internationale Postwertzeichen-Ausstellung (Ger.) Vienna International Postal Exhibition, 1881, 1890, 1933, 1965, 1981, and 2000
Wiping creases: marks caused by damaged cleaning blades left on the surface of the plate before printing
Wiremark: original term for a watermark
Wirral & W. Lancashire: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Wirral Junction Railway: British railway local post
Wirrzähnungen: inconsistant or irregular perforations
Wir Sind Frei: (Ger.) overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia, German Occupation, unofficial stamp, 1938
Wis: 1. Wisconsin, pre-adhesive postmark. 2. abbreviation for Wisconsin prior to Zip Code usage
Wisconsin: became a U.S. territory July 4, 1836, state May 29, 1848; area cut from Michigan Territory
Wiscowsin, State of: fantasy issue created by a stamp dealer in Wisconsin
Wise & Co.: inscription on Match stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Wisen Local Post: Malmö – G. Wisen Local Post
Withdrawn lot: an auction lot removed from sale for any one of various reasons; misdescription, misidentification, lot lost or misplaced, or lot not having reached the reserve price
Without gum: stamp issued with gum but lost the gum somewhere, somehow
Wittenberg: city in Germany, local post; 1: Wittenberg, Lutherstadt, 1945-48. 2: Courier, 1896-99
Wituland: German East Africa speculative stamps manufactured by Denhardt Bros. in 1889, listed in Michel catalogue; Suaheliland
Witwen und Waisen-Woche: overprint on stamps of Bosnia, semipostal for “Widows and Orphans Week.”
WJ: Walter Jahnke, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
WK: William R. Kern, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
Wloclawek: city in German-occupied Russian Poland, local post overprint, 1918-20
Wmk, wmkd: Watermark
WMMH: Scott Catalog number prefix for Machins (Great Britain Wales & Monmouthshire)
Wn : currency in Korea
WNS (WAPD Numbering System): assigns numbers to stamps issued by participating postal administrations; World Association for the Development of Philately
WO: 1: Scott Catalog number prefix for Official Wrapper. 2: Way Office
W/O: without
W/OG, w/o gum: Without Original Gum
Wohltätigkeits Ausgabe: (Ger..) charity stamps: stamps sold at more than the inscribed face value, with the difference between the face value and the selling price used for charity work; these are often called semipostal stamps
Woldenberg: Polish officers camp, local post, 1942-44
Wolmaransstd: town in the Transvaaal, South Africa; 1900, June 23: local stamps overprinted “Cancelled V.R.I.” during South-African war
Wolmar-Ronnenberg: bogus, Latvia, Wolmar District, 1918
Wolverhampton-Birmingham: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Won, Wn, Wun: currency unit in North Korea and South Korea
Wonderland: cinderella based on Lewis Carroll’s famous country
Wood & Co. City Despatch: U.S. local post, Baltimore, Md., 1856
Woodblocks: Cape of Good Hope 1861 issues that were printed from stereotypes mounted on small wooden blocks
Woodley Island: bogus, no information available
Woodworth, C. B. & Son: inscription on Perfumery stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Woody Wagon: term used for U.S. stamp, issued Aug. 3, 2001 showing a wood-paneled station wagon automobile
Woon, won: South Korean currency converted to hwan
Working die: an intermediate die created through a transfer process from the original engraved die to creat a printing base
Working model: when referred to a stamp design, is the ink-and-paper design, prepared by a designer for use of the engraver
World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP): A department of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which includes International Federation of Philately (FIP) and other international organizations
World-Capitalism: forgery printed by Germany on British stamp, WW II
World Government: cinderella, no information available
World Health Organisation: 1948: founded with overprint Organization Mondiale de la Sante (Fr.) on stamps of Switzerland for League of Nations, 1962: first commemorative stamp
World Intellectual Property Organization: 1970: founded, took over duties of the United International Bureau for the Protection of Intellectual Property, 1974: became a United Nations agency, 1982, May 27: first official stamps issued inscribed Organisation de la Propriete Intellectuelle (Fr.)
World Meteorological Organisation: 1956: overprint on stamps of Switzerland for United Nations, 1973: first commemorative stamp, 1973, Dec. 15: common design on stamps of Portugal and Colonies. World Scout Jamboree: overprint on stamps of Aitutaki, 1987
World Nations League: pseudo United Nations; a Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under “Stamps for Collectors
World’s Dispensary Medical Assocn.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
World-Slavery: forgery printed by Germany on British stamp, WW II
World Stamp Championship (WSC): an International Federation of Philately (FIP) competition among traditional exhibits which received 90 or more points in a FIP world exhibtion
World Telecommunications Conferences: U.S. booklets communication stamps, 1947
World War II: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1995
Worldwide Post: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Worms: city in Germany, local post, Privat-Stadt-Post Wormatia, 1895-1900
Worn impression: stamp printed where the printing surface shows signs of deterioration
Worn plate: a plate where parts of the design are worn so that they fail to print properly
Worthing Alpha Mail: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Worthing Private P.S.: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971
Wove paper: smooth, even finished paper without watermarks that is suitable for all types of stamp printing
Wpg: Winnipeg tagging
w/PR: auction term for “with prices realized.”
WR: auction abbreviation for topical military
Wrangel issues: Nov.1920; stamps of Russia surcharged for the mail of internees of Gen.Peter Wrangel’s army and civilian refugees from South Russia, stamps suppressed May 31, 1921, Russia, South
Wrap: a protective paper covering, applied by a postal employee, placed over a postmarked stamp on a cover, to protect it during its postal journey to the addressee
Wrapper: a postal stationery item with an imprinted stamp design used in the mailing of newspapers; usually wrapped around a newspaper or periodical
WRB: William R. Brown, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
WRCNS: Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service
Wreck cover: item of mail that has been salvaged from a train, plane or ship wreck
Wrexham, Mold & Connah’s Quay Railway: British railway local post
Wright, R. & G.A.: inscription on Perfumery stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Writing U.D.N.Y.: writing Undercover Division, New York; marking indicates that contents of envelope was checked for fraudulent use of discount classes of mail
WRLS SCH Wireless School
Wroclaw: formerly Breslau, Poland
WS: Scott Catalog number prefix for War Savings
W.T.: 1: can refer to Washington or Wisconsin Territories in a postmark. 2: (Ire.) Wet Time overprint on Irish unemployment labels
WTP (WP): William T. Powers, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
Wugu: emergency issue of three stamps prepared for use in German East Africa, but never issued
Wuhan: formerly Hankow, China
Wuhu: city in China, local post, 1894-97
Wuppertal: city in Germany, 1: Courier local post. 1894-1900. 2: Express-Packet-Verkehr, 1886. 3: Privat-Brief-Verkehr, 1886-87
Württemberg: German State in southern Germany; currency: 60 kreuzer = 1 gulden (1851), 100 pfenning = 1 mark (1875) 1775: Thurn and Taxis had a 30 year agreement to run the posts, 1805: Thurn and Taxis agreement expired, not renewed, 1819: Thurn and Taxis ran the posts until 1851, paid a fee for this privilege, 1851, April 1: joined the German-Austrian Postal Union, 1851. Oct. 15: No.1, 1 kreuzer black, buff, 1870: became part of the German Empire, but kept issuing its own stamps, 1875: first official stamp, 1902, March 31: relinquished its postal authority, could issue official stamps only, 1919, April 26: joined the German Republic, 1920, March 31: stamps no longer valid, sold postal rights to Germany, 1923: official stamps discontinued, used stamps of Germany, French Occupation, German State. 1947: French occupation with denominations in PF (Pfenning) or M (Mark), 1949, Feb. 25: first semipostal occupation stamp, French occupation
Würzburg: city in Germany, Private-Stadebriefverkehr local post, 1896-97
Wurzen: city in Germany, 1. Courier local post, 1893. 2. local post, 1945-48
Wu-Shan: city in southwest China, local post West Szechuen, 1949
Wu-Tu: city in northwest China, local post Kansu, 1949
WV: 1: U.S. Sanitary Fair. Scott catalog number prefix to identify stamps other than standard postage. 2: USPS abbreviation for West Virginia
W.Va.: abbreviation for West Virginia prior to Zip Code usage
WW: 1. abbreviation for worldwide. 2. William Wapple, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
WWF: World Wildlife Fund
WW I: abbreviation for World War I
WW II: abbreviation for World War II
WW II Eastern Occupations Study Group: Germany Philatelic Society section studying countries under German occupation after World War II
WWM: William W. Malone, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; Plate Finisher, Siderographer
WX: Scott Catalog number prefix for U.S. Christmas Seals
WY: USPS abbreviation for Wyoming
Wyman, W.: U. S. local post, Boston and New York, 1844
Wymiana: (Pol.) exchange label used by the Polish Union of Philatelists when collectors in Poland want to send philatelic material out of the country
Wyo.: abbreviation for Wyoming prior to Zip Code usage
Wyoming: became a U.S. territory July 29, 1868, state July 10, 1890, cut from Dakota, Idaho and Utah territories
Wyst. Filat 1934 Katowice: (Pol.) Poland overprint for 1934 philatelic exhibition in Katowice
Wytheville, Va..Paid 5: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
WZ: (Ger.) Wasserzeichen, watermark.

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