Glossary – V


V: 1: label used in Iceland to indicate letter or parcels with a declared value. 2: Flat plate imperf. coil; Scott Catalogue suffix to identify stamps other than standard postage; also called “H.” 3: registration label. 4: in corners of triangular Czechoslovakia personal delivery stamp. 5: Valencia (Spain), Venezia (Venice, Italy); Vicenza (Italy) pre-adhesive postmark. 6: Vatu; currency unit in Vanuatu. 7: V, VV, VVV: symbols used in indicate degree of value. 8: Victory in WW II on stamps of Belgium. 9: Colombia-Scadta consular overprint for Venezuela. 10:. Volunteers, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. 11: overprint on stamps of Norway for successful invasion of country by the Germans, 1941. 12: prefix letter used by Avery Dennison in front of plate number
VA: USPS abbreviation for Virginia, also pre-adhesive postmark
V.A.: Valuator and Auctioneer, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74
Vaba Esti: “Free Estonia” overprint made by postmaster when Germany defeated Russia and invaded Moisakulla, Aug. 4-12, 1941
Våben: (Dan.) coat-of-arms
Vacation stamps: postpaid tourist labels for use of Swedish nationals to be applied to postcards at vacation locals for delivery anywhere in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, a cooperative effort of tour operators and the Swedish post office; used from Dec. 13, 1994 to late 1998
Vacker: (Swed.) beautiful
Vada: (Czech.) defect, fault
Vada Lepu: (Czech.) gum fault
Vadsø: city in Norway local bypost, 1893-95
Vaduz-Sevelen: city in Liechtenstein, local issue, 1918; Schweizer Post
Værdi: (Dan.) value
Værdibrev: (Dan.) insured cover
Vaglia: (It.) postal money order
Vágott (also nem fogazott): (Hung.) imperforate
Vågrätt: (Swed.) horizontal, Horisontal
Vågrätt veck: (Swed.) horizontal crease
Vaike-Pakri: bogus Russian issue, not valid for postage
Vaikus: bogus issue
Vaitupu: one of the Tuvalu islands, issued stamps starting in 1984; Tuvalu-Vaitupu
Valdai: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1871-88, Zemstvo
Valdepenas: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Valdosta, Ga. Paid 10: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
Vale: (Sp.) is valid, is worth. costs; overprint on railway stamps of Nicaragua to change them to postal use, 1911
Valencia: 1: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937. 2: inscribed “Plan Sur de Valencia” Spanish obligatory tax stamps forrebuilding, 1963. 3: province in Spain, “Carlist” stamps issued in Sept. 1874
Valenciennes: French local post, German occupation, 1914
Valentine Mark & Moody: United Kingdom postal strike: local post 1971
Valentine Stourbridge: United Kingdom postal strike: local post 1971
Valenzuela: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vale of Rheidol: United Kingdom postal strike: local post 1971
Vales de Respuesta: (Sp.) international reply-paid coupons
Vale Un Centavo C.: overprint , postal tax stamps of Nicaragua
Valeur: (Fr.) value, denomination
Valeur declare(e): (Fr.) value declared, insured red color parcel label, UPU introduced them
Valeur d’Exchange: (Fr.) postal currency used as a revenue inscription
Valeur exprimée: (sans) (Fr.) no value mentioned
Valeur faciale: (Fr.) face value
Valevolo / per le Stampe: overprint on parcel post or newspaper stamps of Italy, but also used for ordinary postage, 1890
Val Gesso: Co. Nazional di Liberazione; (It.) liberation local post, Italy, 1944
Välgörenhet: (Swed.) charity
Välgörenhetfrimärke: (Swed.) charity stamp
Validité: (Fr.) period in which a stamps is valid for postal use
Valido: (Sp.) valid
Valija: (Sp.) postman’s mail bag
Válka: (Czech.) war
Valki: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1893-1914, Zemstvo
Valladolid: 1: provisional government local post, stamps of Spain handstamped “Habilitado / por la / Nacion; 1868-70, Spain Scott 116c-128c. 2: province in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1936
Vall de Abdalajis: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937
Vall de Uxo: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Valle Bormida: Italian local post, Allied occupation, 1944
Vallees d’Andorre: (Fr.) Andorra, 1932-43
Vallées d’Andorre: (Fr.) Andorra
Valley: Peak
Vallfogona de Riucorp: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Valls: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Valona: city in Albania; “Albania” overprint on stamps of Italy, 1909-16, Italian Offices in Turkish Empire
Valor: (It.) denomination, value
Valor declarado: (Sp.) insured parcel post label
Valore Globale: overprint on stamps of Fiume, making stamp valid for regular use, 1919-20
Valore nominale: (It.) nominal, face value
Valores declarados: (Sp.) postal insurance service where the insured value is declared by the sender
Valor Estimación: (Sp.) the valuation of a lot based on the auctioneer’s or consignor’s experiences, and not taken form any catalog or other pricing reference; may also indicate a suggested bid
Valor nominal: (Sp.) face value
Valparaiso Multada: (Sp.) Chile postage due
Valsch: form of term “Falsch” or false or fake, that can be found on back of fake stamps
Valsetryk: (Dan.) Tryk – Valse
Valsetrykk: (Nor.) Trykk – Valse
Valuazione: (It.) the valuation of a lot based on the auctioneer’s or consignor’s experiences, and not taken form any catalog or other pricing reference; may also indicate a suggested bid
Value: 1: the part of the inscription or surcharge that has the monetary charge for the stamp. 2: market value to a collector
Value added refund: the postage returned by the USPS to an authorized mailer who prepares First Class Mail or bulk rate mail for customers and adds value to the mail by sorting it to a finer level
Value converted: Mexican paper money depreciated in value, 1916-18, stamps were overprinted raising the face value to correspond with the new paper money
Value Decrease of a Stamp: due to these factors: no original gum, regumming, hinge remnant, straight edges, markings or notes applied by collectors or dealers
Value erased: denomination erased from a printing plate so new values couldbe inserted in different colors, Corrientes 1860-80
Value Field: the numbers and/or symbols in a meter impression that show the postage amount
Value Increase of a Stamp: due to these factors: very wide margins, extremely fresh color, selvage presence, plate or die varieties, and scarcity
Value inserted: stamps printed with space for denomination to be inserted with a handstamp or by manuscript prior to issue
Value Only: British postal agency value surcharge for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Qatar; Persian Gulf states, instead of expense of overprinting individual states
Valuer faciale: (Fr.) face value
Value tablet: the portion of the design containing the denomination
Valverde del Camino: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937-38
VAMP: Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations
Van Ackers: nickname for 1946 Belgian stamps sold at a discount from face value by order of postmaster, Van Ackers
Vancouver Canphil: local, Canada Philatelic?, Canada postal strike, 1978-81
Vancouver Island: west coast of Canada, province of Canada as part of British Columbia; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound, 100 cents = 1 dollar (1865) 1849: made a British crown colony, 1860: British colony, stamp inscribed British Columbia and Vancouvers Island, then name shortened to Vancouver Island, 1860: No. 1, 2 ½ pence dull rose, first stamp as British Columbia, 1865, Sept. 19: first separate stamps, 1866, Nov. 19: united with British Columbia as British Columbia, stamps of Vancouver and British Columbia used in both areas, 1871: became a province of the Canadian Dominion; Canada
V & Crown: watermark seen on Victoria two pence
Van Demons Land: bogus issue; parody of Van Dieman’s Land stamps
Van Diemen’s Land: : original name: Tasmania, currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound 1853, Nov.1: No. 1, 1 pence blue, 1858: Tasmania used on stamps, 1901: joined Commonwealth of Australia, Tasmania
Vandret fold: (Dan.) horizontal crease
Van Duzer, S. R.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Vannmerke: (Nor.) watermark
Vannmerkestilling: (Nor.) watermark position
Vannrett: (Nor.) horizontal (position)
Vannrett par: (Nor.) horizontal pair
Van Renthuysen’s News Office: unofficial forwarder of mail, 1845, Lansingburgh, N. Y
Van Riper’s Express: local parcel delivery firm operated in Nothern New Jersey and New York City, used a label
Vänster hörn: (Swed.) left corner
Vanuatu: group of islands in the south Pacific Ocean, formerly New Hebrides; currency: 100 centimes = 1 franc, vatu (1980), 64 vatus = 1 US dollar 1906: administered by France and Great Britain as a “condominium,” stamps of New Caledonia and New South Wales used, 1908: had separate but equal stamp issues, French used an overprint on stamps of New Caledonia, Britain used an overprint on stamps of Fiji, 1980, July 30: No.1, 5 vatu franc multicolor, first stamp as independent nation, 1982, July 16: joined the UPU, 1987, May 12: first semi-postal stamp for “Hurricane Relief Fund.”
Vapen: (Swed.) coat-of-arms
Våpen: (Nor.) coat-of-arms
Vapen lejon: (Swed.) lion coat-of-arms
Våpenutgaven 1863: (Nor.) refers to the 1863 Coat-of-Arms definitive issues
Våpenutgaven 1867: (Nor.) refers to the 1867-1868 Coat-of-Arms definitive issues
Vapor: 1. (Sp.) steamship, as por vapor, by boat or sea mail. 2. (Rom.) ship, steamship, steamer
Var(s).: auction abbreviation term for variety
Värde: (Swed.) value
Vardø ByPost: Norway local post, 1893-95
Va Real: (Port.) Vila Real (Royal Villa) pre-adhesive postmark of Portugal
Variable denomination coil (VDC): denomination of the stamp printed by a vending machine at the time of sale; also known as Variable Rate Coil
Variant: (Dan., Swed) variety
Variante de coloare: (Rom.) color variety
Variante de hîrtie: (Rom.) paper variety
Variation: A different version or format in which the stamp was issued (usually compared with the original single gummed sheet stamp). Variations are produced on purpose
Variedad: (Sp.) variety
Variedad de composicion: (Sp.) variety in the setting of the printer’s type, the make-up of the stamp design or in the positioning of a cliché on the printing plate
Variedad de dentado: (Sp.) perforation variety
Variedad de impresion: (Sp.) variety due to faulty printing
Variedad en capicua: (Sp.) tête-bêche variety
Variedad por empalme: (Sp.) variety caused by the stamp being printed over a paper joint
Varied perfs: horizontal perforations of Australia coil stamps with larger holes in center than at ends for easier separation
Varietà: (It.) variety
Varietate: (Rom.) variety
Variété: (Fr.) variety
Varietati de dantelura: (Rom.) perforation varieties
Variétiste: (Fr.) one who collects varieties
Variety: 1: A stamp containing an error, flaw or mistake.  This can be due to a retouch, misprint, reprint, ink fault, process error, etc.  These are unintentional; 2: bart (Ger.), variété (Fr.), varietá (It.), variedad (Sp.)
Varig Condor Eta: air mail stamps of Brazil authorized for use by private airline firms to prepay extra postage in addition to ordinary stamp issues
Varldspost Kongress: (Swed.) VIII Universal Postal Union Congress, July 4, 1924
Världspostkongressen: (Swed.) World Postal Congress
Varna: French post office in Ottoman Empire opened Nov. 1857, closed Aug. 1876
Varnish lines: bars of diagonal lines of varnish applied on the face of Austrian stamps to hinder cleaning and reuse,1901-07
Vasa Issue: city in Finland, set of Finnish stamps printed there in 1918
Vasárnap: (Hung.) Sunday
Vasco da Gama: eight stamps issued in 1898, for Portugal and Colonies
Vascongadas: Basque provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya
Vasil: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1871-81, Zemstvo
Väster: (Swed.) West
Västligaustralien: (Swed.) Western Australia
Västligukraina: (Swed.) Western Ukraine
Västligukrainsk: (Swed.) Western Ukrainian
VAT: Value Added Tax; tax payable on hammer price and the Buyer’s Premium for auction lots bought from auctioneers living within the countries being members of the European Union (EU); VAT is not payable for lots delivered to addresses outside the EU community
Vathy (Samos): overprint on stamps of France, offices in Vathy, Turkish Empire, 1893-1914
Vaticana: Vatican City
Vatican City: western Italy, located with the city of Rome on bank of the Tiber River; currency: 100 centesimi = 1 lira, 100 cents = 1 Euro (2002) 1870-1929: used stamps of Italy, 1929, June 1: created by Lateran Treaty with Italy, 1929, Aug.1: No.1, 5 centesimi dark brown and pink, first special delivery stamps; joined UPU, 1931: first postage due stamp, first parcel post stamp, 1933: first semipostal stamp, Holy Year issue, 1938, June 22: first air mail stamp
Vaticane: Vatican City
Vaticano, Cittá del: (It.) Vatican City
Vatikanet: (Dan.) Vatican City
Vatikanstaat: (Ger.) Vatican City
Vatikanstaten: (Swed.) the Vatican
Vattenmärke(n): (Swed.) watermark(s)
Vattenmärke, Ark: (Swed.) sheet watermark
Vattenmärke, Kontinuerligt: (Swed.) continuous watermark
Vattenmärke, Krona: (Swed.) crown watermark
Vattenmärke, Marginal: (Swed.) marginal watermark
Vattenmärke, Positions: (Swed.) position watermark
Vatu: currency unit in Vanuatu
Vaxa: (Sp.) lower, usually found on pre-stamp covers
VC: 1: auction abbreviation for viewcard with stamp affixed to picture side. 2: country coed for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as used by the UPU. 3: Victor Castaigne, postmaster of Meshad province, Persia 1902
VDK: (Ger.) “Verband der Kriegsgeschadigten,”inscription for Association of Disabled War Victims
V.D.L.: Van Dieman’s Land (Aust.) former name of Tasmania
V.D.M.P. Toulon: Voie de mer par Toulon (Fr.) sea route via Toulon, 1797
Veck: (Swed.) crease
Vectis Postal Service: United Kingdom postal strike: local post 1971
Veddenese Sultanate: supposed Arabian country
Vedette: (Fr.) rarity
Veglia: now Krk, island in Adriatic Sea off coast of Yugoslavia; 1918-pre: Austrian territory, 1918: overprint on stamps of Fiume, Italian occupation; Fiume, 1920: became part of Yugoslavia, name changed to Krk
Veile: (or Vejle) seaport and capital of Vejle county in SE Jutland, Denmark, at the head of the Vejle Fjord ca. 135 miles W of Copenhagen. Local post established 5 November 1887, with first “Veile Bypost / Pakke-Expedition” lithographed stamps issued on the same day, and with several others issued through 1912
Veile bypost: city in Denmark, local post
Veile-Vandel Jernbane: local, Denmark railway parcel, 1887-89
Velez-Blanco: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Velez-Malaga: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937
Velgørenhed: (Dan.) charity
Velgørenhedmærke: (Dan.) charity stamps
Veliki Ustyug: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1901-08, Zemstvo
Vélin: (Fr.) wove paper
Velinpapier: (Ger.) wove paper
Velká Británie: (Czech.) Great Britain
Velsk: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1886-1915, Zemstvo
VEN: international postal code for Venezuela
Venda: South Africa Homeland State; currency: as South Africa 1969: Venda Territory Authority established, 1979, Sept. 13: No.1, 4¢ multicolor, first stamp as independent, 1994, April 27: ceased to exist, postal service operated until 1996; South Africa
Ven da Mar: (It.) arrival by sea handstamp applied to incoming ship mail, Venice,1716
Venden: Wenden
Vending and Affixing Machines: perforations applied privately to imperforate stamps by machine manufactured by The Attleboro Stamp Company, The Brinkerhoff Company, The Farwell Company, International Vending Machine Company, The Mailometer Co., The Shermack Co. and the U.S. Automatic Vending Co
Vending Booklet: booklet of stamps prepared to be sold by a vending machine
Vending machine franking label: in the late 1970s, vending machines offered gummed labels imprinted with amount of postage paid
Vending machine stamps: stamps designed or printed specifically for use in coin-operated stamp machines
Vendre: (Fr.) to sell
Venetia Giulia: Italian, 1918-19, Austria N1-N32
Venetia Giulia and Istria: Allied occupation, “AMG VG” 1945-47, Italy, 1LN.
Veneza: Venezuela, 1865-76
Venezia: (It.) Venice, Italy
Venezia Giulia: Julian Venetia, Italian name for Slovene Coast, Trieste, Istria and Dalmatia, 1918 – 19
Venezia Giulia: north east Italy, Julian Venetia; Currency: 100 centesimi = 1 corona (post 1925) Fiume and part of Dalmatia 1858-59: overprint on stamps of Austria for newspapers, 1918 – 45: Kingdom of Italy, includes Trieste, Istria, Slovene Coast (Istra Slovensko Primorje), 1918: “Regno d’Italia / Venezia Giulia / 3. X1.18′” overprint on stamps of Austria during occupation, overprint of stamps of Italy, Italian occupation of Trieste, 1919: “Venezia Giulia” overprint on stamps of Italy for postage, special delivery, postage due, 1919 – 43: acquired from Austria, stamps of Italy used, 1943 – 45: stamps of (Kingdom of) Italy and RSI used, 1945-47: stamps of Italy overprinted “A.M.G.-V.G.” (Allied Military Government-Venezia Giulia), Zone A, 1945 – 47: stamps of Yugoslavia inscribed “Istria Lit(t)orale Sloveno – Istra Slovensko Primorje,” Istria Slovene Coast, used for Zone B, 1946: overprinted “A.M.G.-V.G.” for air mail, special delivery, 1947: FTT, Free Territory of Trieste created, A under AMG, B under VUJA; balance of area going to Yugoslavia, 1948: first postage due stamp, Trieste
Venezia, Poste di: labels issued at fair for use at Venice Pavillion
Venezia Tridentia: (Trentino) “Regno d’Italia / Venezia Tridentina / 3.XI.18″overprint on stamps of Austria, for Italian Occupation of Austria, 1918
Venezolana: Venezuela currency unit, 1863-65
Venezuela: northern coast of South America, on the Caribbean Sea; official name of postal administration: lpostel currency: 100 centavos = 8 reales = 1 peso (1859), 100 centimos = 1 venezolana (1879), 100 centimos = 1 bolivar (1880) 1859, Jan. 1: No.1, ½ real yellow, 1879-80: revenue stamps inscribed “Escuelas” and “Instruccion” also valid for postage, 1880, Jan. 1: joined the UPU, 1898, May 1: first official stamp, 1899, May: first registration stamp, 1902: provisional issues for Port of Carupano due to blockade by Great Britain, Germany and Italy, 1903: local stamps for state of Guayana, 1930: first air mail stamp, 1937: first semi-postal stamp, overprinted “EE.UU. de Venezuela Correos,” 1942, Dec. 17: first air mail semi-postal stamp, 1949, Mar. 9: first special delivery stamp. Venizelist Goverment: 1917, Feb. 5: stamps of Greece issued by the Venizelist Provisional Government.Mar. 9: first special elivery stamps,
Venstre: (Dan., Nor.) left (side)
Venta: (Sp.) sale
Venta del Moro: city in Spain, Spanish civil war local post, Republican forces, 1937
Ventas por mayor: (Sp.) wholesale sale
Ventas por menor: (Sp.) retail sale
Vente à prix nets: (Fr.) French mail sale with fixed prices
Venus, S.S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1850s, for upper or middle Danube lines
Vera: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vera Cruz, Mexico: handstamp and machine cancels used when US forces conquered the city and established a post office on April 21, 1914 until Nov. 23, 1914
Veraderos: (Sp.) private mail carriers of the 17th-19th centuries
Veranstalter: (Ger.) organizers (of a stamp show)
Verband Berliner Philatelisten-Vereine: (Ger.) Association of Berlin Philatelic Organizations
Verbandsprüfer: (Ger.) formerly known as Bundesprüfer, one who examines philatelic objects for certification
Veräussern: (Ger.) to sell
Verde: (It., Sp., Rom.) green
Verde-albastrui: (Rom.) bluish-green (color)
Verde aprins: (Rom.) bright green (color)
Verde-bronz: (Rom.) bronze-green (color)
Verde de mar: (Rom.) sea-green (color)
Verde-galbui: (Rom.) yellowish-green (color)
Verde-gri: (Rom.) grey-green, Russian green (color)
Verde-iarba: (Rom.) grass-green (color)
Verdensomfattende: (Nor.) worldwide
Verde-oliv: (Rom.) oliv-green (color)
Verdipost: (Nor.) insured mail
Verde-smarald: (Rom.) emerald-green (color)
Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie: (Dut.) United East Indies Company
Verein: (Ger.) association
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate: (Ger.) United Arab Emirates
Vereinigte Königreich: (Ger.) United Kingdom, Great Britain
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika: (Ger.) United States of America
Vereinte Nationen: (Ger.) United Nations
Verfalschung: (Ger.) fake
Vergata (carta): (It.) laid paper
Vergé bâtonné: (Fr.) laid batonne paper
Vergel: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vergiss Nicht unsere Kolonien: (Ger.) “Never Forget our Colonies” label
Vergriffen: (Ger.) out of print, sold out
Verificato per Censura: (It.) censor marking from Italian language countries
Véritable: (Fr.) genuine
Verkauf: (Ger.) sale
Verkehrs-Anstalt Merkur: local, Duren, Germany, 1895-97
Verkehrt: (Ger.) inverted
Verkhnednieprovsk: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1866-77, Zemstvo
Verkhotur: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1889-1902, Zemstvo
Vermeil: gold-plated silver, an exhibit medal level between gold and silver
Vermont: 1: became a U.S. state March 4, 1791. 2: first federal issue revenue of US, July 1, 1798-Feb. 28, 1801
Verona: fantasy from Shakespeare’s island
Verpätungsmarke: (Ger.) late fee, postal marking or stamp indicating payment of a special fee for forwarding a mail piece after the regular mail has been closed; also known as supplementary mail
Verrechungsmarke für Zeitungsporto: (Ger.) newspaper stamp
Verschlussmarke: (Ger.) vignette
Verschossen: (Ger.) faded (color)
Verso: (Fr.) back, as opposed to front of a philatelic object
Verso (tamponné au): (Fr.) backstamped
Verspätungsmarke: (Ger.) too late stamp.see Trieste,
Versteigerung: (Ger.) auction
Vert: (Fr.) 1: green. 2: auction abbreviation for vertical
Verticala: (Rom.) vertical
Verticalmente: (Sp.) vertically
Vertical pair, imperforate horizontally: a pair of stamps that is fully perforated horizontally, but has no vertical perforations
Vertical pair, imperforate inbetween: a pair of stamps that is fully perforated at the top, sides and bottom, but has no perforations between the stamps
Vertragsstaaten (Indien) Besetzung (Japan): (Ger.) Japanese occupation of the Indian States
Vervalsing: (Dut.) forgery
Vervelle: a distinctive shade of France ungummed 1 franc stamp of 1851
Verviers: (Fr.) local tax stamp in Belgium
Very fine: Value Increase of a Stamp: due to these factors: very wide margins, extremely fresh color, selvage presence, plate or die varieties, and scarcity
Very lightly hinged (VLH)
Verzelchnis: (Ger.) checklist
Verzui: (Rom.) greenish (color)
Vessiegonsk: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1871-1913, Zemstvo
Vest: (Dan., Nor.) west
Vestafrika: (Dan., Nor.) West Africa
Vesta, S.S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1850s, for middle or upper Danube lines
Vestaustralia: (Nor.) Western Australia
Vestaustralien: (Dan.) Western Australia
Vesteraalen Dampskibsselskap: issued own stamps for route between Advent Bay, Spitsbergen and Norway, 1896, valid for postage within Norway
Vester-Norre-Osterbroes Pakvogn: local, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1880-85
Vest Pocket Dealer (VPD): a dealer who brings his stamp stock to stamp shows and goes from dealer to dealer offering his material, as opposed to those dealers who have sales booths
Vestukraine: (Dan.) Western Ukraine
Vestungarn: (Dan., Nor.) Western Hungary
Vetekeverria: Albania
Vetluga: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1905-13, Zemstvo
Vettore: (It.) “Carrier” inscription on Italian tax revenue stamps
V.E.U.: voie des Etats Unis (Fr.) via U.S.A
VIII Varlospost Kongress Stockholm: Sweden
VF: Very fine
VFU: very fine used
VG: 1: Venezia Giulia. 2: Victoria Government
V.H.M.: (Victor H. Mackenzie) manuscript surcharge on British East Africa Protectorate issues, 1891-95
V I: 1: USPS abbreviation for Virgin Islands. 2: British abbreviation for Vancouver Island
Via Aerea: (It.) by air
Viandes: (Fr.) meat revenue stamp inscription
Via Nicaragua: Accessory Transit Co. of Nicaragua
Viatka: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1896-1905, Zemstvo
Viborg: City and capital of Viborg county, N central Jutland, Denmark, ca.130 miles NW of Copengahen. Local post established 6 September 1886, with first “Viborg Bypost” lithographed local stamps issued on the same day, and with numerous others issued through 1888. The local post ceased operations on 6 June 1891
Viborg Bypost: city in Denmark, local post, 1886-91
Vic: 1.(It.) Vicenza (Italy) pre-adhesive postmark. 2: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vicebarevná: (Czech.) multicolored
Vícenásobná Frankatura: (Czech.) multiple franking
Vichy issues: nickname for stamps issued by France and colonies during World War II
Vict de Tampas: overprint on stamps of Mexico for this district, 1856-1883
Vickers’ Express: parcel delivery firm that serviced the Northern Railway and the Toronto Grey and Bruce Railway, used labels, 1888
Victims of Philatelic Investment Fraud: AVE
Victoria: southeastern part of Australia; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound 1849-51: used butterfly design as cancel, 1850, Jan. 3: No.1, one pence dull red, first issue designed and printed locally, 1850-1912; stamps issued, 1851: received colony status, 1851-56: used oval with bars as cancel, 1854, Dec.1: first registration stamp, 1855, Jan. 1: first late fee stamp, 1870: “Stamp Statute” inscription for postal / fiscal use, 1879: stamps, inscribed “Stamp Duty” valid for postal use, 1890: first postage due stamp, 1891: joined the UPU, 1897, Oct.: first semi-postal stamp, 1901, Jan. 1: one of six British colonies to form the Commonwealth of Australia, 1913: used stamps of Australia; Australia
Victoria: Postmasters stamp issued during the Civil War
Victoria: 1: inscription on stamps of Cuba, postage due, post WW II. 2: overprint on stamps of Mexico for this district, 1856-1883
Victoria 1837-1897: cancel to celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Victoria and V: Cuba, postal tax stamps
Victoria de Torreon Abril 2 1914: overprint on stamps of Mexico for Victory of Torreon, 1914
Victoria Land: “Victoria / Land” overprint on stamps of New Zealand for use by Captain Scott’s South Pole expedition, 1911-13
Victorian Railway: local post, Australia, 1835-1930s
Victoria Regina (VR): British inscription VR used on the Penny Black, 1840, for official use, printed April 1840, but never put into use
Victoria, Texas Postage 5, 10: Confederate Postmasters’ Provisionals
Victory: World War II; common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1946
Victory Issue 8th June 1946: overprint on stamps of Aden for Allied nations’ victory
Vic Walter’s P.S.: United Kingdom postal strike: local post 1971
Vidimationer: (Swed.) certified copies of (a package’s) content
Vielfalt: (Ger.) numerous
Vienna: 1: German stamps overprinted diagonally in1945 “Österrich” for use in Vienna. 2: United Nations post office, 1979
Vierblatter Klee 1916: (Ger.) “Four-leafed clover; label depicting four leaders that killed the entante
Viereck: (Ger.) square
Viererblock: (Ger.) an unseparated group of four stamps
Vierkantaussschnitt: (Ger.) cut square
Viet Nam: eastern Indo-China; currency: 100 cents (xu) = 1 piastre (dong) (1945), 100 xu = 10 hao = 1 dong (1945), Viet Ming = 30 xu = 10 hao = 1 dong included former French territories of Tonkin, Annam and Cochin China, 1889: stamps of French Colonies surcharged “Indo-Chine 89” (1889), 1945, Aug 19: declared independence from France; Viet Minh took control of Hanoi and Saigon, 1949: Indo-China divided into Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam, each issuing its own stamps, 1951, June 6: No.1, 10 cents olive green, 1951, Oct. 20: joined the UPU, 1954, July 21: French forces withdrew from northern part of country, partitioned at the 17th parallel, 1954, Dec.1: stamps of India overprinted in Hindi characters for use in Viet Nam, communist Viet Minh in control of country, 1955: Viet Nam became Republic of North Viet Nam, 1965: ICC (International Control Commission) overprint on stamps of India for Viet Nam; Annam and Tonkin, Indo-China, French, Viet Nam, North, and Viet Nam, South
Viet Nam, Buu Chinnh, Conghoa: Viet Nam, South Viet Nam
Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa: South Vietnam, 1956-75
Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong Hoa: North Viet Nam
Viet Nam, North: Viet Nam north of the 17th parallel; Socialist Republic of Viet Nam; currency: 100 cents = 1 dong (1946), 100 xu = 1 dong (1959) 1945, Sep. 2: No.1, 1 piastre yellow green, first stamps as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, overprinted “Viet-Nam Dan-Chu Cong-Hoa” on stamps of French Indo-China, 1946: No.1, 1 hao green, first stamps as Viet Nam, 1955: first postage due stamp, 1958, May 1: first military stamp, 1959, Nov. 20: first air mail stamp, 1976, July 2: official reunification of country under Communist control, 1976, July 23: first stamps as Socialist Republic of Viet nam, 1983, Nov. 1: first semi-postal stamp
Viet Nam, South: Viet Nam south of the 17th parallel, Republic of South Viet Nam; currency: 100 cents = 1 piastre (1959) 1952, Nov. 10: first semi-postal, air mail stamps, 1952, June 16: first postage due stamp, 1955, July 20: No. 1, 30 cents claret, first stamps as South Viet Nam, 1955, Oct.: republic of South Viet Nam officially established, 1956, Jan. 10: stamps inscribed Viet Nam Cong Hoa, (Republic of Viet Nam), 1961, June: first military stamp
View Card: a postcard that depicts cities, landscapes or landmarks
Viewing: ability to auction lots prior to date or time of sale
VIF: (Fr.) lively, bright (color)
Vifieta: (Sp.) vignette
Vig, Vign: auction abbreviation for vignette
Vignetta: (It.) vignette
Vignette: (Fr.) 1: term for the picture or other main design area of a stamp. 2: the blue air mail labels
Vignetten: (Ger.) vignettes
Vignette pour l’expérimentation des machines distributrices de timbres: (Fr.) testing label for automatic vending machines
Vignette stamps: (Fr.) a non-denominated stamp created to advertise or commemorate a product or event. Poster stamps
VII Congresso UPU: 7th UPU Congress, Spain
VIII Varldspost: Congress, Stockholm, Sweden 1924
Vikingland: bogus issue
Viladrau: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vilafranca del Cid: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Világos: (Hung.) pale, light (color)
Világoskék: (Hung.) pale blue, light blue, cambridge blue (color)
Világospiros: (Hung.) pale red, light red (color)
Vilassar de Mar: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vilatorta: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vilavert: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villacarlos: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villacarrillo: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villada: (Sp.) mark applied to a private telegraph stamp issued by Villada’s town council, 1901
Villa del Rio: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villafranca del Penedes: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villagarcia de Arosa: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937
Villajoyosa: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villanueva: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villaneuva de Algaida: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937-38
Villanueva de Cordoba: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villanueva de la Serena: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villanueva del Rosario: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937-38
Villanueva del Trabuco: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937-38
Villanueva de Tapia: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1938
Villar de la Libertad: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villarreal: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villarrobledo: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Villayer, Renuard de: organized a “Petite Post” in Paris, 1653, with a special prepayment wrapper “billet” dropped into eleven mail boxes placed at various locations in Paris with three daily collections and deliveries
Ville: (Fr.) city
Villena: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vilnius: Lithuania overprint on 1929 stamps of Russia for German occupation, 1941
Vimbodi: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vinaccia: (It.) claret (color)
Vinaroz: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vincado: (Port.) creased
Vinebre: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Vineri: (Rom.) Friday
Viñeta: (Sp.) vignette
Viñeta bisect: (Sp.) half of German 5 pf stamp (hand stamped “3 PF”) officially used in April 1901 on the cruiser Vineta as a provisional to mail newspapers
Viñetofilia: (Sp.) collecting charity stamps, labels or stickers
Vin Fiz: (Scott CL2) A 25¢ U.S. stamp lithographed in black taken from the name of a grape soda whose sponsor promoted a coast-to-coast flight in 1911. The bottom wings of the biplane were inscribed “Vin Fiz.”
Vinnitse: city in the Ukraine, local provisionals, aka Vinnitcha, 1990s
Vinrød: (Nor.) wine-red, claret (color)
Vins: (Fr.) wines revenue stamp inscription
Vintage: a figure featuring the year of issue or print, some may be on the sheet margin
Vinuela: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937
Viola: (It.) purple (color)
Violaceo: (It.) violet
Violet: (Dan.) violet (color)
Violet-albastrui: (Rom.) bluish-violet (color)
Violet aprins: (Rom.) bright violet, fire-violet (color)
Violetblå: (Dan.) violet-blue (color)
Violetbrun: (Dan., Rom.) violet-brun (color)
Violetgrå: (Dan.) violet-grey (color)
Violet-negricios: (Rom.) blackish-violet (color)
Violet-roscat: (Rom.) reddish-violet (color)
Violet-roz: (Rom.) rose-violet, claret (color)
Violett: (Swed.) violet (color)
Violettakt: (Swed.) violet-tinged (color)
Violettakt karmin: (Swed.) violet-tinged carmine (color)
Violettakt mörk karmin: (Swed.) violet-tinged dark carmine (color)
Violettakt rosa: (Swed.) violet-tinged rose (color)
Violettblå: (Swed.) violet-blue (color)
Violetbrun: (Swed.) violet-brown (color)
Violettgrå: (Swed.) violet-grey (color)
Violettrosa: (Swed.) violet-rose (color)
VIP: very important person
Virgil & Co’s Express: local parcel firm that serviced Vermont, used a label, 1844
Virginia: 1: became a U.S. state June 25, 1788. 2: first federal issue revenue of US, July 1, 1798-Feb. 28, 1801. 3: second federal revenue issue, May 1, 1813-Feb. 27, 1816. 4: supervisors’ seal revenue, March 2, 1799
Virginia City Pony Express: private mail firm that operated between Virginia City, Nevada and Sacramento, Calif. By Wells Fargo & Co., used stamps, 1862-64
Virgin Islands: 1: British Virgin Islands. 2: Sombrero Lighthouse (upside down) inscription, unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, 2001
Virgin Islands: West Indies, southeast of Puerto Rico, formerly Danish West Indies; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound, 100 cents = 1 dollar (1951), 100 cents = 1 US dollar (1962) 1866: No.1, 1 penny green, 1916: war tax stamp issued, 1917, Jan. 17: sold to the US by Denmark, 1917, Mar. 31: formal transfer to the US, British Virgin Islands, Danish West Indies
Virtual Philately: genuine postage stamps, which are scanned and transferred between collectors electronically
Virumaa: region in Estonia, bogus issues
Visado por la Censura Militar: (Sp.) examined by the military censor
Viscaya: now Bixcaia, one of the Basque Provinces
Visiniu-putred: (Rom.) lilac-red (color), Rosu-lila
Vistoso: (Sp.) fine appearance
Vitoria: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Republican forces, 1937
Viva España: surcharge by Nationalist forces in Cadiz, Spain, as a semipostal, 1936-37
Viva España / 18 Julio / 1936: overprint on stamps of Spain, by Nationalist forces, for revenue issue of Tenerife; Canary Islands
Viva España Correo Aereo: overprint on stamps of Spain by the Nationalist forces, 1936-37 for use in Burgeos, Spain
Viva España Sevilla Julio 1936: overprint on stamps of Spain by revolutionary forces, 1936
Vivero: city in Spain, Spanish Civil War local post, Nationalist forces, 1937
Vivo: (Sp., It.) bright color
Vizcayan Republic: U.S. seceding state in the Philippines, Spain, 1898
Vízjel(ek): (Hung.) watermark(s)
Vjetori i Mbretnis: Albania
V-Label: labels used on insured mail, with letter V (French valeur = value) usually on red tinted paper
Vláda: (Czech.) government, administration
Vladivostok: city in Russia, 1: 1922 overprint “1917 / 7-XI /1922” for use in Far Eastern Republic. 2: 1923 overprint in Cyrillic on Russian stamps for use in Far Eastern Republic. 3: local overprint, 1994
Vlak: (Czech.) railroad train
Vlastos, VL, Vl: specialized catalogue of Greece
V L H: very lightly hinged
Vlore: (It.) city in Abania, in Italian called Valona
V-Mail: special forms and envelopes used by US military forces during WW II to reduce the weight of mail; started June 15, 1942; called Airgraphs by British
V.N.: Vaccination, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74
Voamena: Madagascar local issue
VÖB Verband Österreichischer Briefmarkenprüfer: (Ger.) stamp expert of Austria
Vodorovne Rastrovany Lep: (Czech.) horizontal gum ripple.Vögel: (Ger.) birds (thematic)
Vogeler, A. & Co.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Vogeler, Meyer & Co.: inscription on Medicine stamp; Private die proprietary stamps
Vogn: (Dan.) railroad car, railway car
Voice of America Stamp Club: an international stamp club promoted via radio by the Voice of America after WW II
Void, Voided: 1: handstamp applied on postage due stamps in order for a carrier to receive credit for the stamps when the carrier was unable to deliver a mailpiece to which postage due stamps had already been affixed. 2: void marking used on stamps that are not considered valid U.S. postagte; such as non-postal seals, labels or foreign stamps used on U.S. origin mail
Voie de mer: (Fr.) by sea
Vojenska Posta: inscription for Czechoslovakian Army post stationed in Siberia, 1919-20
Vojna Upraya Jugoslavenske Armije: Military Administration of Yugoslav Army, overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia for Zone B, Istria and Slovene Coast, 1947
Vojsko na Rusi: inscription for Czechoslovakian army on Siberia
Vojvodina: (Republic) local overprint, Yugoslavia, 1999s
Volchansk: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1872-83, Zemstvo
Volgograd: formerly Stalingrad, USSR
Volkerbund: (Ger.) League of Nations
Volksabstimmung: (Ger.) overprint on stamps of Saar for 1935 plebiscite
Volksdienst: semipostals, Netherlands
Volkshilfe: (Ger.) People’s Help, charity issue
Volksrepublik China: (Ger.) People’s Republic of China
Volksrust: township in the Transvaaal; 1900, June 23: fiscal stamps overprinted ‘V.R.I.’ during British occupation
Volksstaat Bayern: (Ger.) People’s State, 1919-20 overprint on stamps of Bavaria
Volksstaat Würtemberg: (Ger.) People’s State, overprint on official stamps of Wurtemberg
Vollandig: (Ger.) full margins
Vollständiger Satz: (Ger.) complete set
Vollständig: (Ger.) complete
Volo: 1: French post office in Ottoman Empire opened 1857, closed 1861, reopened 1879, closed 1881. 2: city in Greece, Interpostal Seals used 1868, Interpostal Seals. 3. (It.) flight
Volo di Ritorno, New York-Roma: (It.) “return flight, New York-Rome; overprint on General Balbo stamps of Italy, Sc. C48
Volo orbitale: (It.) space (thematic)
Volo Transatlantico con Aereo da Turimo: (It.) 100 sheets printed by the Italian Ministry of Posts to commemorate Jan. 6, 1949 flight Milan to Buenos Aires
Volsk: city in Russia, Zemstvo local post; 1885-98, Zemstvo
Vom empfanger einzuziehen: (Ger.) “from receiver to be collected” inscription on stamps of Bavaria and Danzig, postage due
Vom empfänger zahlbar: (Ger.) “from receiver to be paid” (Payable by addressee) inscription on stamps of Bavaria, postage due, 1862-76, and Danzig 1921-39
Von: (Ger.) from
Von Angeli: painted the 1887 Jubilee portrait of Queen Victoria used on colonial British stamps
Vonat: (Hung.) railroad train
Von Meister numbers: numbers in lower left corner of Zeppelin covers applied by U.S. F. von Meister to keep track of covers flown on the various flights, first used on the1930 European-Pan-American flight of the Graf Zeppelin
Voor Het Kind: (Dut,) “For the children,” inscription on stamps of Netherlands, semipostal
Voor Het National Steunfunds: Surinam, semipostals for the National Welfare Fund
Voor Krijgsgevanfenen.: air mail special delivery semipostal, overprint on stamps of Netherlands Antilles, for prisoners of war
Vorausentweetung: (Ger.) precancel
Vorausfrankierung: (Ger.) prepayment of postage, as in postage meters
Vorderseite: (Ger.) front side (of a cover)
Vorläufer: (Ger.) forerunner
Vorms: bogus Russian issue, not valid for postage
Vörös (also piros): (Hung.) red (color)
Vörösbor: (Hung.) claret, burgundy (color)
Vörösesbarna: (Hung.) red(dish)-brown, sienna (color)
Vörösesibolya: (Hung.) red(dish)-violet (color)
Vöröseskék: (Hung.) red(dish)-blue, Turkish blue (color)
Vörös Kereszt: (Hung.) (the) Red Cross
Vörösréz: (Hung.)copper-red (color) (also rézvörös)
Vorphilatelistisch: (Ger.) pre-philatelic
Vostochiya Siberia: local, cinderella, 1990s
V.P.M.: Voie Paquebots de la Méditerranée (Fr.) via Mediterranean paqueboat
V.R.: “Victoria Regina” overprint on stamps of Fiji to mark change by King Cakobau to Britain, 1874-77
VR – Valtion Rautatiet: (Fin.) [Finland] State Railways
V.R. Essay: the 1840 British penny black with “V” and “R” in top corner was originally intended as an essay, but now called “Prepared for use but not issued.”
V.R.I.: Victoria Regina Imperatriz, overprint on stamps of areas occupied by British in South Africa; when Lord Roberts entered Pretoria on June 5, 1900, as head of the British occupation Forces; Orange Free State
V.R. Special Post: overprint on stamps of Transvaal, for Cape of Good Hope British Occupation of Vryburg, 1900
Vrt: (abbr.) vertical
V.R. Transvaal: overprint on stamps of South African Republic for Transvaal, 1878-79; Transvaal
Vryburg: town in British Bechuanaland, 1899, Nov.: occupied by the Boers, overprinted stamps of the Cape of Good Hope “Z.A.R.” (Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek), 1900, May: British forces retook town, overprinted stamps of the Transvaal “V.R./Special Post.”
VT: USPS abbreviation for Vermont
Vuelo: (Sp.) flight
V.U.J.A., S.T.T.: Vojna Uprava Jugoslavenske Armije Slobodna Teritorija Trsta (Serbo-Croatian) Military Administration Yugoslav Army, (Free Territory of Trieste), 1949.overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia for Free Territory of Trieste, Zone B, 1948 – 54
V.U.J.N.A., S.T.T.: Vojna Uprava Jugoslavenske Narodne Armije, Slobodni Terorij Trsta – (Serbian) Military Administration of Yugoslav National Army, Free Territory of Trieste,, Zone B, 1948 – 54
Vurthem: South Africa issue named after the stamp designer
Vychod: (Czech.) East
Vychodni Nemecko: (Czech.) East Germany (DDR)
Vychodni Timor: (Czech.) East Timor
Vychodoafricka: (Czech.) East Africa
Vychodoafricky: (Czech.) East African
Vychodocinské More: (Czech.) East China Sea
Výplatni známky: (Czech.) definitive stamps
Vykort: (Swed.) picture postcard
Vykortssamlingar: (Swed.) picture postcard collections
Vystava: (Czech.) exhibition
Vystrizek: (Czech.) postage stamp(s) on piece of paper or envelope
Vzducholodni posta: (Czech.) airship mail, zeppelin
Vzorec: (Czech.) specimen overprint.

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