Early Hibben Picture Post Card from Heriot Bay

I hope you are avoiding all this Covid horror. We don’t think it’s reached Quadra yet but Amanda and I still wear our masks at all times and I’ve been self-isolating nearly every day out in my boat, fishing, where I never see another human!

Tom Watkins kindly sent me the latest of your newsletters which contained your Hibben postcard item. I have one (not quite as early as those you mention) but it’s Heriot Bay in 1909. I have a query. I have researched the photograph itself and have discovered the names of all the people in the picture. But I see from the reverse that it was “Made in Germany.” Why does a Victoria postcard publisher have his postcards made in Germany?

The finest and cheapest printing of good post cards was done in Germany in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Many of the fine printing techniques were developed in Germany. Here is the image side of Pete’s card.

“Children’s Day”. A Garden Party, Heriot Bay. BC

By Pete Smith, December 2020

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