The First Four

(Great Britain, 1840-1841. The world's first adhesive postage stamps)

A One Frame Exhibit by Peter Newroth - shown at VICPEX 2015.

    While I have not contributed to philatelic exhibitions for years, the┬ápromotion of stamp collecting/exhibiting on Vancouver Island at VICPEX 2015 led me to prepare this exhibit: The First Four.
    For the first time, the G. E. Wellburn Philatelic Foundation offered cash prizes for innovation in exhibits predominantly showing stamps, to be judged by VICPEX officials. I was pleased that a number of new entries and great exhibits resulted. As a Director of Wellburn Foundation, my Exhibit was excluded from this competition.
    I challenged myself to assemble and illustrate a story about the earliest and some of the most famous postage stamps. The most difficult part was to concentrate this story within only 16 pages! Using one exhibition frame, I show and describe the four stamps, keeping their postal history in balance. Preparation required more study and research of the material available than expected!
    I had fun preparing this Exhibit, and hope others will enjoy viewing it.
Peter Newroth

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