Stamp Club Quiz

Presented to the GVPS 20 Oct 2017

This is designed to encourage participation and discussion. All are encouraged to write down all the philatelic elements ( for example an overprint, postage due, roulette etc.) you notice for each item. In addition some, but not all items, will have additional questions. Likely some collectors will suggest answers which generate some discussion. We encourage any collector who does not understand an answer to ask for an explanation. We won't keep score.

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Table of contents

  1   What are the three types of cancels
  2   Plates
  3   Vancouver Island stamps
  4   Type of cancel
  5   Heraldic elements of a stamp
  6   Two different denominations
  7   Stamps purpose & denomination
  8   Philatelic elements
  9   Which country
10   Philatelic elements
11   Meaning of "W35" & "55"
12   Philatelic elements
13   Importance & philatelic elements
14   Importance & philatelic elements
15   Philatelic elements